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Home And Me Pte Ltd (HNM) is a Company founded in 2017 by a group of enthusiast entrepreneurs who faced excessive challenges when renovating their homes and offices. The founders feel that why the word HOME is spelt ending with ME is that they believe in completing every home with me.

We realise that the current renovation process lacks transparency and having to pay high markup fees to the Interior Designing firms, they do not actually receive the services of an actual Interior Designer. (Most of these ID firms so call Interior Designers are salesperson or coordinators)

HNM was set up with the goal to achieve major cost savings, transparent pricing for homeowners and complete control over their home renovation process.

The founders strongly believe that home renovation is close to heart as well as an essential process to transform a house into a home. The portal also provides free templates and design concepts for their references as well as giving them the insights to the current renovation trends and home inspirations.

Most of us will somehow encounter the renovation process more than once in our lifetime, however there is no platform that enables homeowners to take matters into their own hands. Therefore, within the HNM portal, the company tries their utmost best to provide information and knowledge to the homeowners regarding all renovation matters. In this instance, HNM can empower the homeowners indefinitely.



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