1. Any hidden cost that is not specified in the Home And Me online platform?

No. Home And Me is an online renovation platform that offer you an outstanding solution to complete your home cost efficiently and transparently. However, the additional request and work that is not directed from our online platform is not covered.

2. How is Home And Me plan the work schedule?

After the item have been selected and the order is completed, your project will be directed to the Home And Me administrator. Upon receiving a down payment of 10% of total cost, subcontractor will be assigned to visit you, at your preferred time for your convenience. After both parties come to an agreement for the date of commencement of works, the renovation work schedule will be updated in the platform and you will be notified via email. The project completion date thus will be finalized after all the physical measurement taking is completed.

3. Any warranty on work done?

General renovation work such as carpentry, and electrical work are workmanship faulty covered for 1 year and the wet work such as tiling and water proofing are workmanship faulty covered for 5 years.

4. What is the payment progression?

10% down payment of total cost, 50% of total cost upon contractor assignment and 40% upon the renovation work completion.

5. What if the contractors charged me more than the cost that agreed earlier?

You are strongly suggested to report the issue to Home And Me within the next working day.

6. What shall I do if I like to do some minor changes and adjustment?

You are strongly advised to add on your minor changes and adjustment through the Home And Me online platform and we will do the needed.

7. In the event of designs and item changes, and unforeseen condition that may result in extra cost. What shall I do?

You are strongly advised to add on the changes through the online platform or inform the administrator about your concerns. Additional renovation work charges may occur if the changes are made by you, and not being informed or recorded on the online platform. Instance, a certain of renovation work that is not being notified will not be covered after 5 working days.

8. What type of changes can be incorporated into the project without causing a delay to the renovation schedule?

Please be reminded each changes may lead to the late of renovation completion. As such, one part or whole of the renovation work schedule may delay. You are advised to check with the subcontractor prior the decision has been made. Once both of your agreement is reach, Home And Me will update you the schedule again.

9. Can I change my contractor?

You have the rights to change the contractor prior to commencement of renovation work. Additional charges may occur if the contractor change request is in the midst of renovation work carried out.

10. How can I ensure that the item that have been selected is my expectation?

You will be offered to view the actual design and item sample before the commencement of renovation work.



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